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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 12, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. . from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm jc hayward. it is feared that americans are among the dead after a double suicide bombing rocked uganda. officials say that the attacks have all the hallmarks of
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islamic extremists. joel brown reports that the obama administration vows to bring those responsible to justice. >> reporter: emergency workers rushed injured soccer fans to the hospital after bombs ripped through a restaurant and a club where they gathered to watch the world cup final. a militant islamic group says it carried out the attack. >> just had an explosion. >> reporter: an american aide worker identified as 25-year- old nate hen is among the dead. several members of a pennsylvania church group were injured. uganda's president lashed out at the terrorists. >> if they want a fight, they should go and look for soldiers and not come to -- >> president obama is deeply saddened by the loss of life. the attack mark the first time that the group with ties to al- qaeda has struck outside of its
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base in somalia. they want ugandan peace-keeping troops out of somalia and has been threatening to take action. they will with the the uganda government to take action. dc water crews are working to repair a ruptured eight-inch main in northwest washington. the this was the scene a short while ago on eastern avenue between wittier and van doren streets northwest. there's no word on how many customers are affected. and eastern avenue is closed while the repairs are being made. the remains of a missing korean war sailor will finally be laid to rest today. relatives of enson robert langwell will attend the ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he was one of 11 sailors killed when his ship came under attack in 19 a 0. -- 1950.
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12 other sailors survived. he was originally from columbus, indiana an update on a 10-year-old boy hit by a car in georgetown. he and his family are visiting from texas. they had only been in the district of columbia for just an hour when it happened yesterday. the boy was hit along wisconsin avenue last night at 33 rd street northwest just after 6:00. at last report, the boy suffered grave injuries. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and detectives are questioning the driver, i long with other witnesses. >> investigators fanned out across the fairfax county mall where a 19-year-old woman was last seen alive. police handed out flyers at the fairfax plaza shopping center. 19-year-old vanessa pham was last soon there before she was found fatally stabbed last month.
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surveillance video shows that vanessa pham's car was exiting the parking lot just ten minutes before her body was found less than a mile away. >> we just want folks to look at it. to think of where you were if you saw her or her car or anything like that. >> vanessa pham graduated last year from james madison high school in vienna. metro transit police are trying to figure out how a man was able to steal a bus. police caught 19-year-old william jackson shortly after friday's crash of the bus near 17th street southeast and massachusetts avenue southeast. now, passengers tell the "washington post" that jackson was polite and actually knew the bus route. he reportedly told police that he was fascinated by buses. for the first time in 18 years, virginia's commuter railway has a new operator. this morning, keolis rail services of america officially
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replaced amtrak as the company in charge of all vre trains. our 9 news now kristin fisher has more from the alexandria vre station. >> well, these are the first ever vre trains to be run by a company other than amtrak. it is a big change but so far no problems to report. you can see all trains are on time and customers say they are satisfied with the service. these are the first virginia commuters to ride a vre train operated by a new company, keolis. >> did you notice any changes? >> no. i noticed there were new conductors. that's it. no changes or hassles, on time, et cetera. >> reporter: exactly how you like it? >> love it. >> reporter: no noticeable changes. that's what vre officials were hoping for on this transition from amtrak to keolis. >> you may not notice anything initially besides a new face but what you will see is a
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direct hands on customer service approach. >> reporter: some riders say they don't like the french- owned operator that was awarded $85 million five year contract last november. >> i was disappointed that the contract award went to a french company instead of an american company. i think the job should have been left here. >> reporter: most riders say they don't mind what company operates the trains, provided they are on schedule. >> as a commuter as long as it is on time that's all that matters to me. >> everything is on schedule. >> everything is on schedule. it's been a good morning. >> reporter: in alexandria, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> the national parks service will close some lanes for work at meridian hill park this week. clues are making repairs to the 96-year-old retaining wall that lines the park. the park is bordered by 16th street, euclid street, 15th and w streets northwest. and that work is expected to take place from 6 a.m.
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until 5:00 p.m. lasting until friday. we are turning our attention to the disaster in the gulf. b.p. expects to attach a new tighter cap to its leaking well. however, officials are not sure if this will work. the new cap is designed to funnel oil to vessels on the surface as part of a containment system that could prevent crude oil from spilling for the first time since april 20th. >> anticipate the whole process will take another three to five, six days. >> reporter: engineers are drilling relief wells to stop the leak for good. however, the drills are not expected to reach the source of the leak until sometime next month. six months ago today, a devastating earthquake shook the island of haiti. 220,000 people died. let's take a look at the capital city of port-au-prince because it shows little progress in the cleanup and
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rebuilding effort. that's despite billions of dollars in aid that was pledged by charities an governments. the haitian government says it cannot tackle the debris cleanup or resettlement light now. it's preparing for hurricane season, which is said to be an immediate threat. >> the real job of the government is to protect the population from the next hurricane season and most of our resources is going right now in that direction. >> reporter: some experts predict that at the current rate of progress it could take 20 years to remove all the rubble from haiti. coming up when 9 news now returns, a swiss judge rules on whether director roman polanski should be brought back to the united states. to face rape charges. and you can learn about a
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unique homeless shelter in the district of columbia. instead of giving women a place to sleep, it gives them life lessons and a chance to get back on their feet. we'll be right back.
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film maker roman polanski will not be extradited to the united states to face sex charges. this morning, the swiss government rejected a u.s.
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extradition request. in 1977, polanski was charged with raping and sodomizing a 13- year-old girl. the alleged victim has requested the charges be dropped. the teenager known as the barefoot bandit is in custody in the bahamas. authorities say that colton harris moore stole boats, cars and planes since he dodged law enforcement since escaping from a halfway house in washington state two years ago. the 19-year-old arrived in the bahamas nearly a week ago. you should expect to pay more if you are getting a passport because tomorrow will be the first time that passport fees increase. new passports will now cost $135 for adults, $105 for children. renewals will cost $110. travelers who want the passport office to add pages to their passports will also have to pay. until now the service has been
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free and those passport cards are going to cost adults $55 for a first issue and $30 for a he newal. devon lucie is coming up next with the forecast. in fact the blanket of clouds has moved in and this is courtesy of rain to the west. it's been so dry here this summer. we're going to get much-needed rain. i will let you know when that is here, how long it will last with the complete forecast when the news at noon comes right back. oaoa
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finding a place to sleep is half of the battle for women
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who are homeless because what they do with their days will determine how long they stay on the street. derek mcginty takes us inside of a homeless shelter with no beds but plenty of help for the weary. >> i was pretty much out here an just kind of lost in the world. >> reporter: lost and homeless at age 20. vivian ivy says she found a shelter bed okay. >> it didn't have anywhere to go after they put us out at 7:00. >> reporter: so she came here to rachel's women's center, a shelter with daytime hours. no sleeping allowed, but plenty to do. >> the women can do laundry, take showers. it is a structured day. so each hour there is an activity the woman can be involved in. >> reporter: the executive director says it caters though the special needs and fears of homeless women. >> many of our women do not want to be in coed environments. they have been traumatized and victimized and feel unsafe to be exposed to men in any way.
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so it is very important to have a day shelter that is exclusively for women. >> thank you, ladies, for being here today. why don't we go over our house rules? >> we are life skills groups every day and during a life skills group, one day it might be women's health. another day it might be banking or finance. >> reporter: or help with addiction. last year, rachel's served more than 800 women in their struggle to regain independence and swan relishes the success stories. >> eventually she bought her own house. one of the staff here went to closing with her. >> reporter: but more often, she says, the path to success for these women unfolds slowly and one step at a time. >> people just come in off the street. it is very successful. a woman who we see sitting in a doorway and she comes and spends the day with us we feel we have succeeded. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> rachel's women's center believes today's clients will be tomorrow's role models.
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to help the group achieve its goal, the gannett foundation, "usa today" and wusa 9 are proud to give the organization a grant of $10,000. to learn more about rachels center or other groups that we are profiling, go to our website at click on the hero central link. dc council woman mary che is fighting to help keep air conditioners running for people behind on their bills. our partners at the washington examiner report that her proposal is up for consideration by the full council tomorrow. it would ban washington gas and pepco from shutting off utilities within 24 hours of a national weather service prediction of 95 degrees or more. rockville residents, you can water your lawns again because those mandatory water restrictions were lifted yesterday. they were imposed after the
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water main break last week. washington suburban sanitary commission supplied rockville with water temporarily while that main was repaired. and we're going to get a little rain, i think. >> we are hoping to shut off the sprinklers an get help for everybody who has water restrictions. we have been so dry lately. >> and we need the rain. >> hope you had a good weekend. >> i did. >> weather wise pretty good weekend. dry yesterday but warm. temperatures in the lower 90s. we have humidity today but blankets of clouds keeping the temperatures down. big news as we just discussed is all about the rain in the forecast. now, i need to explain that because it is getting a bit tricky. as soon as this afternoon and this evening the first wave of rain will move in. once that wave moves in we have chances of rain and storms all the way through at least a part of wednesday. this will hold temperatures down as you can see. wednesday, depending on when we clear everything, that will depend on what's going to
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happen to make high temperatures. we'll get to that. first of all, the clouds, the rain and possible thunderstorms, after 2:00 p.m. is the key time. it will hold the temperatures around the mid-80s for many of us. possible showers overnight. maybe a stray thunderstorm in the upper 60s to low 70s and more chances of thunderstorms as we roll through tuesday. definitely a cloudy forecast. no doubt about that. lower to mid-80s is what i will go for high temperatures. temperatures right now, speaking of them, reagan national 85. fredericksburg, pretty uniform as we built in cloud cover. warmer at the eastern shore. the beaches in the upper 80s and may push 90 here because we have more sunshine and we see this very well on the satellite and radar together. just off to our west, this is a big batch of rain, embedded thunderstorms. this is why i predict that to be here anytime after 2:00 p.m. once this wave moves in, we have the chances of rain. i think we get in to this afternoon and this evening but once it is here we have shots
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of rain all the way through wednesday. the forecast is having a tough time of putting if rain chances overnight. so i put them in. overnight, even through tuesday and lasting even in to wednesday's forecast, too. it does a better job painting the picture. more scattered thunderstorms on tuesday and overnight in to wednesday. the real trick here is exactly when the rain is going to redevelop after the afternoon and evening storms and shut off and develop again and then shutoff. that will be a minute to minute, hour to hour thing. we will have to watch but let it be known, once the first wave of rain moves in this afternoon and tonight we have chances of rain through wednesday which is such good news. we need that rain really bad. i'm going to go upper 80s to mid to upper 80s for highs. back to the 70-degree mark. 60s for lows tomorrow morning. zone forecast, rain is out there out west. it definitely is. we will move it here to washington, but i don't think it quite hits the eastern shore. i'm going to keep you dry. seven-day forecast forecast has it all.
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here's the rain on monday afternoon. today through tuesday and wednesday, i think. and then it is back to hot and humid and a typical july forecast. that's the weather outlook. we'll be back with the last of the news at noon when we return.
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now i want to introduce you to someone who's very special. her name is rebecca scritchfield. she is the american diabetic association young dietitian of the year for 2009. that's an honor. how did you get the honor. >> i was nominated by my colleagues here in washington, d.c. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you for having me here today. >> we are talking about summertime barbecue and you are going to make a special tuna salad. >> yes. i'm going to. i want to give viewers a chance to hear of ways to have a healthy barbecue. it has been really hot lately and barbecues is when we tend to get sodas or fruit punch and i want to remind people they have extra sugar which adds calories which can lead to weight gain. >> i know. >> this is the amount of sugar in an average week. it is three times the amount we are supposed to be getting. >> that snuff you are kidding? >> a lot of it is from
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beverages so do favor to your guests and provide vocal rhee options. this is fruit 20. make sure you don't overdose them with sugar. and then healthy gazpacho. just throw the vegetables in the blender. >> what do you mix it with. >> this is tomato, cucumber, red pepper, basil. >> it is absolutely delicious, quick and easy and offering an idea to move the meat over. things like hot dog and burgers are staples but high in unhealthy fats. here i have salmon with a little bit of a mango relish and lettuce and tomatoes and you can make a burger and your guests will appreciate that. and also for dessert you can lay out cherries or watermelon. >> i stole one. >> i hope you like it. it is nice and sweet. nature's candy. seizecy to do. these are quick and easy
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things. they don't know they are going to go the extra mile. >> this is ice cream? >> it is greek yogurt that we will use in our tuna salad. the recipe will be available on the website but it is tuna, one tablespoon of mayonnaise and mix it together. this is an alternative to heavy side dishes like the mac and cheese and poe tay sew salad. one of those and give a color source of vegetables like i'm doing here with cucumbers and red pepper and carrots. >> i want to remind everyone the recipe for this great tuna salad, very easy is on our website at thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. >> come back at 5:00. come on in, devon. smells good. >> let me get to eating.
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